Matrix Factorization, Deep Learning, Advertising Fraud Defense

Seminar talk titled "Matrix Factorization, Deep Learning, Advertising Fraud Defense"

Title Of the Talk: Matrix Factorization, Deep Learning, Advertising Fraud Defense
Speaker: Dr Gaurav Srivastava
Host Faculty: Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian
Date & Time: Wednesday, 2nd June 9:00am
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There will be 2 independent parts to the talk: In the first part, I will present some algorithms and results of applying matrix factorization techniques to computer vision. The second part will describe large-scale AI-based defenses to identify fraudulent entities in online ad traffic. I will present deep learning based solutions to supervised and unsupervised use cases from the advertising domain. Along the way, I will also discuss how we handle some practical challenges faced in creating such systems.

Speaker Profile:

Dr Gaurav Srivastava is a Machine Learning Tech Lead at Google, Mountain View, California, US. He has been with Google for the past 5.5 years and worked in multiple product areas including Ads, Android and Maps. Prior to that, he was with Samsung Research Labs, working on mobile visual search, augmented / virtual reality and content security applications. He has had about 12 years of industrial research experience. Recently, he has also been involved in Google's initiative to coach software industry professionals and also introduce Computer Science education to school students and Internet users. He got his education from Purdue University (PhD), Stanford University (MS), and IIT Kanpur (BTech).

Wednesday, 2nd June 9:00am